Thursday, March 17, 2011


Tuesday the 15th March 2011

What i Did Was Just Resizing photos Of:

-Zee Avi
-Rock the World 5,6,7,8,9
-Tag Heuer Watches
-Standard Chartered
-Akademi Fantasia Concert
-MDEC APICTA Awards Night 15.10.08
-Dana Belia 1Malaysia 21st Jan 2011

for emailing purposes.

Wednesday the 16th March 2011

I became a runner, went to lotsa places to collect checks and pass checks,

first went near to jaya 33 at PJ, it's called Plaza Hamodal to Tune Talk office to pass a check to a Guy name AFFAF and ANDREAS.

after that Cash out some money infront of Jaya 33 at CIMB Bank.

came back and Out again to
Jalan 3/109f, Taman Danau Desa, 58100 Kuala Lumpur, Federal Territory of Kuala Lumpur
to collect a check from PTS advertising.

Thursday The 17th March 2011

Went to Mines Waterfront at Seri Kembangan, Selangor to collect a check and bank it in a Jaya 33.

came back to office and had brainstorming about RCZ Peugeot Launching Event on the 19th May
4pm went to Bangar Shopping Centre For the Concourse Inspection With Muiz. Met Richard the person in charge.

meanwhile, when i was at Bangsar Shopping Centre, DBKL went to the office and buat hal. *Geng Geng Geng* haha It's Because we don't have a Permit to commercialize our company in a housing area. they took pictures of our house, talk a lil bit and went off. @_@

assigned to do a Floor PLAN! For The RCZ event in Bangsar Shopping Centre :D

AND TODAY 18th March 2011

WE Came OUT ON NEWSPAPER! Why? kena Complained

It was out on the News Straits Times. xD saying that now many housing areas in Bangsar have
commercialized themselves disturbing the current housing areas.

Monday, March 14, 2011

First Day of Internship!

Hello! imma gonna use this blog onwards as a dairy for my supervised work experience(SWE) during my internship. SO YEAH!

Lets Start, First i would like to talk briefly about the company i'm working at.
It's called FatBoys Records!! :D It's an Established Event Company for more than 10 years!
PS: Jason lo was the founder of the company. then a band
called Disagree is currently running the company now. they're actually
quite popular for the malaysian band and all of them are friendly and awesome :D You can easily google it and find more about them. Zahid is the lead singer for Disagree and also the CEO for the company. I was interviewed by Azrul Goo, the Production Manager and i'll be supervised under him :D

some of the big known events they did was Akademi Fantasia, Bill Gates Hologram, Zee Avi Concert, Paramore Concert, Orianthi Concert, and now Justin Beiber's!

You can log in to their website here to see more info

Well! My intern Begins on a monday morning 17/3/2011. we were told to report to office by 10am and end at 7pm from monday to friday. dresscode - smart casual/casual (no shorts and slippers). i reach at 9.20am and there were a red myvi parked inside the bangalow but no one was home.

*damn sleepy already*

- started work at 11.30am
- work with Ajin (Design & Concept Manager) cool guy.
- first task assigned. Have to crop 2 pictures out from it's background
using photoshop CS4
- lunch provided! 2.20 pm (Nasi Lemak!)
- continue 2nd task assigned. cropping 12 pictures.
- ends at 8pm. XD

That's ALL~ :D


to be continue

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Searching For Wall's Sundae Lime ICE Cream.

anyone know where i can get this Ice Cream?

Monday, September 7, 2009

After Again

Again I'm back, either for good or not. I feel like expressing something into words. There's a bunch, a gang, a horde, a group, a lot of things flowing into my head. There are times when i just sit down and my head is blanked after a great hang out or a hang over, after a party or a good movie, after a good talk/laugh with friends, after an enjoyment. That enjoyment only played temporary. After everyone has left, I'm just all alone. Feeling quite a bit of emptiness. Even after my friends and I message each other that they and I had a great time, it goes back to square sometimes. The pleasure dies off, the candles dies off, the feelings fades away. And I'm in my room, thinking, wondering, imagining, Day Dreaming and the lights turns off. Is it just me? Did I not filled my heart with fulfillment? Or is there a hole in my heart which the fulfillment is leaking out? Is my expectations were too high that made me think like this? Is the atmosphere around me killing the implementation in me? Am i thinking too much? Someone please slap me some directions, some senses, some Sagacity.

Unsolved and Unfilled.

To be Continued.

Matchbox Twenty - Hand me down.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Once again.

Imagine this scenario, Me driving in my car in ss15. I left my house an hour before a psychology class. Probably about a 5 minute drive away from Inti College or less. Its 1 o'clock in the afternoon, I went a round the area searching for a parking and stucked for about 30-45 minutes right in front of asia cafe just because of one BIG PINKY SlikGirl lorry.

Only one fat idian man was unloading the packages up and down from the lorry to the shoplot. A white proton wira was right behind the pink lorry waiting for the fat idian man finished unloading. Behind the proton wira was me. Every car behind me kept honking like crazy. One thing that kept me waiting patiently was the car right behind me, a black honda honking with some rhythm and i immatated it. I then honk with some weird rhythm, it followed. A bunch of pretty girls was in the black honda. I honked, she honked. We laughed together and kept doing it like 20 minutes! after the unloading was finished, i went about 4 rounds again, passed asia cafe and Sri KL. Sri KL was flooded with bunch of kia su drivers and parents, blocked the small area.

I was always most of the time lucky enough to find a good parking space for my car but today was just not my day. I then saw one small parking space not really a good enough one for me, but i was desperate. It was in front of myplace apartment, the one in between Inti and Taylors, right before asia cafe parking and the SoyaKing lorry and 2pm already! psycho class!! i tried squeezing in between a toyota camry and a perodua myvi. no spacee. Some stranger came and tried to estimate for me. i said cannot, but he said it's possible but nott easy. i tried and i scratched the myvi. The guard in the myplace apartment saw and stopped me and offered me to park inside the apartment. Now i know where to park when i'm deperate!

To be Continue.

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Something Short.

Feeling... Complicated.

There are times when one is Immobilized.

The No Mood situation.

Merely plain empty inside.

No sense of happiness nor sadness.


A little fear something.

The Feeling of being
Defenceless, Useless, Helpless, Powerless.

Like an abrupt blurriness occurring your mind that make a short moment sort of elusive.

Well, it comes and goes away.

Don't think too much.

When Negative Stuff hits you, Meet it, Kill it, Erase it, Leave it and Live.

To be Continue.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

An Outing/Mini Date.

Considering it as a mini date! It was the 7th of March.

I went out with Elaine.

Carmen, Samuel, and Evan didn't made it. Ending up just the both of us.

Went to Yuen's Steamboat Buffet at Sunway and to pyramid.


Chicken Liver.

More Chicken Liver!
@_@ *YUMMY* @_@

Our Table, Half way eating. 3rd round!
(should have taken more earlier pictures here.) =/


Strawberry Lemonade.




:D :D

one of the best picture.

I'll save the last one.

I had a Wonderful Night. =D

To be Continue.